Fat elimination without surgery

The safest, most innovative, non-invasive fat elimination procedure with no downtime and body defining results!

A unique, FDA cleared, patented procedure, which uses a targeted cooling process to kill fat cells under the skin by “freezing the fat” with no surgery and no downtime. The body absorbs the dead cells and flushes them over several months. The results may be seen as soon as 3 weeks, but reach definition goals in 2 to 3 months. One session removes 25% of the treated area. Several sessions per area are recommended for maximum results.

Laurel Corrinne has a CoolSculpting elite Master Certification. There are only a small group of people in the world, that hold this Advanced training. She, also, has over ten years of administering treatments in the practice of a plastic surgeon and in her own studio.

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An initial consultation and planning session with Laurel will give you the chance to talk about the areas that are to be treated. This is documented and either started that day or booked within the next several weeks. On treatment day, ‘Before’ pictures are taken, so that the results can be observed, verified and used for further treatment planning.

Applicators of different sizes are used as needed for different areas. A thin gel protective skin is applied to the area, then the suction on the applicator is turned on and when in place the cooling begins. The area has a cold feeling and slight tingling for just a few minutes and then the session has started! Average session per area is 35 minutes. The length of session depends on the treatment plan. Once each treated area is finished, Laurel will massage that area to optimize the desired results.

After the session, it is fine to go back to work, shower, workout and have normal activity. Liposuction requires a pressure bandage, CoolSculpting does not! You may experience some feelings in the treatment areas post CoolSculpting. This assures you that the fat elimination is working!

Laurel Corrinne Studio is the most private CoolSculpting studio in Austin. Wrap up in a cozy blanket, catch up on emails or simply enjoy the quiet time during your ‘treatment to your transformation’.Please note: Laurel Corrinne Studio does not offer refunds following service payment.