Laurel Corrinne Studio is excited to represent this French line in Austin. The Bioloqique Recherche founders have spent years of research to build a line of products dedicated to building better skin with powerful solutions for the face, hair and body. Biologique Recherche has gained a following amongst our clients both near and far. BR gained its positive, global reputation through its focus on personalizing skincare with their clinical approach using pure, concentrated and raw ingredients.

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Laurel Corrinne Studio offers 60, 75 and 90 minute facials customized based upon skin type and skincare needs.

Martina Coffee

Martina is a makeup artist and an esthetician with over 20 years experience in the cosmetics industry. She is certified by Biologique Recherché to bring the highest level of expertise to all of her clients at Laurel Corrinne Studio. Born and raised in Prague, the Czech Republic, Martina has always focused her education and expertise on European brands and quickly fell in love with Biologique Recherché and their array of products which make it possible to truly customize each treatment to her clients’ needs.

“Beauty is so much more than just the clothes we wear or the makeup we put on.”

“Invest in your skin, it is going to represent you for a very long time."