About Laurel

Laurel Corrinne is one of the most sought after experts in Austin, TX for Body Contouring. Her ‘Sunless Body Blend’ is a no spray technique that gives the skin a more modern and natural appearance. Laurel, also, uses her Artistic approach with Coolsculpting, the non-invasive treatment that ‘Freezes Fat Permanently’.

Laurel is a licensed Medical Aesthetician and Master Skin Care Specialist. She has over ten years of experience with a focus on continuing education to provide the safest and most proven treatments available.

Caring for skin is about caring for the result of every client. Laurel has traveled extensively throughout the US caring for A-list clients who are seeking the newest and most advanced treatments like CoolSculpting and Sunless Body Blend. Her approach and technique is unmatched, and her list of clients reflects both her hard work and talent.

To provide clients with the most advanced approaches available, Laurel has dedicated her life to becoming an expert in every service she offers.

She does not embrace all therapies, but carefully vets each one over time to decide which she will offer. Only the best and proven skin care regimens and fat removal technologies are adopted into her practice. She reviews both the data and outcome results to evaluate each treatment before spending countless hours learning and mastering each therapy.

She’s a graduate of The CoolSculpting University, and holds multiple certificates in laser technologies, intense Pulse light (IPL), chemical peels and vein removal.

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